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Sixty Six Dental is supporting Mouth Cancer Action month this November. This is a really important cause to us, and for this whole month we offer a free oral cancer screening service. If you are worried about a lump, bump or an ulcer, a red or white patch in your mouth that has been present for 2-3 weeks then please give us a call. Usually it is nothing to be concerned about, but it is important to get it checked. Call us on 01730 263092 to book a free appointment with one of our lovely dentists Dr Adam Jones and Dr Debbie Lloyd today.

This is a busy month here at Sixty Six Dental. Pop in and join us on the 18 th September for our Macmillan ‘cake-away’! Our team are busy baking naughty but nice treats for you. Come and visit us, take a slice of cake away and make a donation to help this very worthy charity. We hope to raise more money than ever before! Cake will be served from 9am to 5pm, we will see you then!


Sixty Six Dental’s hygienist’s Mel and Charlotte had a great time visiting the Little Gems Day Nursery in Petersfield. They ran a fun, interactive educational session, involving a ‘toothy’ pass the parcel! The children loved the interactive sugar board and we hope this will help them to look after their little teeth in the future.


How much Sugar? - a Guide

How much sugar is there in it? Sixty Six Dental has created a guide for you to download.

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