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Dentures are a cost effective way to replace missing teeth.

Each one is custom made to ensure a comfortable fit and a natural, lifelike appearance. Dentures can replace from 1 (partial) to all (full) of the teeth and can be made of different materials to suit different situations

Acrylic Dentures

In this design the replacement teeth are joined together by gum coloured plastic. They are suitable for replacing any combination of missing teeth. There may also be clasps included which are thin metal wires that grip the remaining natural teeth and help keep the denture in place.

Cobalt-Chrome Based Dentures

These have a thin metal base with pink plastic gum to join the teeth to the metal. The strength of the metal gives a number of advantages over an all plastic denture:

  • The denture base is both thinner and stronger
  • It can be made smaller to improve the feel and comfort when wearing. If it is an upper denture, less of the palate need be covered, preserving sensations of taste and temperature.
  • The clasps are integrated into the base for greater strength and better grip of the natural teeth – the denture is retained more firmly

Valplast Dentures

An exciting alternative to the 2 designs above uses a flexible plastic to join the teeth together. This is particularly good for making dentures fit around natural teeth at awkward angles. It flexes as it is put into the mouth, then relaxes back into shape to grip the natural teeth for stability. The base is also thinner than standard acrylic. For more information please see the Valplast website.


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