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Sooner or later most of us will need a “filling.” This might be due to decay, wear or trauma to a tooth.

We aim to provide fillings that are pain free, that will last a long time and look natural. Where possible we will always provide tooth coloured fillings; your dentist can discuss with you which material is best for each situation. We use high quality filling materials that have been well tested in clinical trials.

Frequently asked questions

How much is a filling?

The price of a filling is based on the size and time taken to place it. Your dentist will provide you with a printed estimate before your filling appointment. As an example, a 30 minute filling appointment for a medium sized filling would be £120

Is it going to hurt?  

Not only will we offer you local anaesthetic before any treatment which should make it a pain free procedure, we will also numb the gum with a paste so you won’t even feel the injection!  Occasionally a tooth may be sensitive afterwards if the filling was large and close to the nerve of the tooth. Your dentist will be happy to discuss management of sensitivity.

How long will the filling last?

All fillings have a finite lifespan and will need to be replaced eventually due to wear, fracture or new decay in a tooth. Predicting how long it will last is difficult as there are many influencing factors. Generally, the following things will affect the lifespan of a filling:

  • poor cleaning around it (increased decay risk)
  • high sugar diet (increased decay risk)
  • the size of the filling( the larger it is the more likely it is to break down)
  • grinding or clenching of the teeth (increased risk of breaking)
  • the strength of the material used
  • the skill of the dentist

I don’t like the appearance of the silver fillings in my mouth, what can I do about it?

In most cases silver fillings (amalgam) can be replaced with a tooth coloured material. This can be done purely for cosmetic reasons if a patient wishes. If the silver filling is large the tooth may need an onlay or a crown instead (see below)

I have a large filling in my tooth and now my dentist says I need a crown – why?

Each time a filling is replaced, the hole becomes larger and so does the filling. There comes a point where the remaining tooth becomes weak and is likely to fracture or the filling can’t be well shaped to prevent food packing.  To prevent this happening a crown or onlay can be placed over the tooth.

How much Sugar? - a Guide

How much sugar is there in it? Sixty Six Dental has created a guide for you to download.

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